Ten Things a Homeowner Must Know Before Starting a Home Improvement Project – part 1

For many people, their home is their largest asset.  If you are thinking of undertaking a renovation project, the next few posts will explore things you need to know and consider before you start. First, do your homework before you hire someone.  Don’t just ask a potential contractor for references – of course he or Read More

A Corporate Entity Does not Completely Shield Corporate Officers from Tort Liability

Many people set up corporations or limited liability companies so that they can limit their personal liability.  While having a properly run corporation or LLC, can limit liability, the limits are not absolute.  There are at least three ways an individual can be personally liable, even if acting on behalf of their company.  First, under Read More

Damages in a Construction Dispute

Let me present you with a scenario that I have now heard at least dozens of times and maybe more than a hundred at this point.  A homeowner hires a contractor do perform renovation work at their home.  Let’s say, that the project is to renovate the kitchen for $100,000.  The contractor starts the job Read More