In Massachusetts, condominiums are created by the statute, Chapter 183A, which contains long and complex rules as to how condominiums operate.  When you own a condominium unit, you have committed to living in a community within a community.  Your mailing address may be Boston, but you are subject not only to the regulations of that city but the rules within the condominium complex.  Each condominium is led by a Board of Trustees who make the rules.

Reviewing and Updating Condominium Documents

We represent condominiums who need to update their by-laws or rules and regulations or who need to take action against an owner who has not paid assessments.

Disputes within the Condominium 

Sometimes, issues arise between condominium owners or between an owner and the Trust.  In various cases, we have represented owners or the condominium association in a dispute.  The dynamics in a two or three unit condominium complex can be complicated as law, emotional and interpersonal relationships are strongly present.  Attorney Tanowitz taught classes for a number of years through the City of Boston on this topic.  No matter which side you are on, we can help you navigate the issues regarding your home.

Our Experience

  • Counseled various unit owners in dispute with a fellow unit owner in a small condominium association
  • Undertook procedure for a condominium association to collect unpaid assessments, including foreclosure
  • Revised and drafted amended by-laws and rules and regulations for condominium association needing to update its documents