Landlord/Tenant Cases

Massachusetts landlord/tenant law, particularly residential rentals can be a minefield for the unknowing landlord.  Both commercial and residential tenants have a variety of rights created by the legislature under Mass.Gen.L. chapters 186 and 239.  We represent both commercial and residential landlords and tenants throughout Eastern Massachusetts.  We have handled landlord/tenant cases in District Court, Superior Court, and Housing Court and are familiar with the procedures to evict a tenant or to help a tenant who is having a problem at their unit.  We have successfully tried and settled many cases for our clients.  We have also assisted landlords create leases for their tenants and assisted commercial tenants negotiate leases with their landlords.  A sampling of some of scenarios we have handled:

Our Experience

  • Tried, won several cases for tenants on a variety of claims including cross-metering, lack of heat, breach of warranty of habitability, quiet enjoyment, and consumer protection claims (Chapter 93A) and collected on the judgments
  • Successfully evicted both residential and commercial tenants and obtained dismissals of summary process cases for tenants where statute was not filed.
  • Negotiated lease for commercial franchisee tenant seeking space in a popular shopping area
  • Assist landlords with residential lease drafting and tenants with lease review
  • Counseled landlords on how to handle difficult or non-paying tenants
  • Settled numerous cases involving security deposits, condition issues, discrimination, quiet enjoyment, breach of warranty of habitability and Chapter 93A claims