Civil Litigation

No one enters into a relationship with the hope that a dispute arises from it.  Yet, it happens.  Tanowitz Law Office, P.C. looks at each case and each client individually.  We analyze the situation and provide you with practical solutions for resolution.  Maybe it is a settlement, or perhaps, the most sensible option is to not pursue the claim at all.  When the best path is litigation or arbitration, we will zealously advocate for you.  Whether your dispute involves a business or commercial dispute, consumer protection, real estate or probate, we will prepare thoroughly and will know your case inside and out.  We explore all options for resolutions short of a trial but are seasoned trial attorneys familiar with all courts in Massachusetts.

Business disputes usually play out as follows:  one side does not pay complains that it is dissatisfied with the services or materials provided.  The other side contends that it has provided that which was called for in the contract and is entitled to payment.  These disputes can interfere with a company’s productivity and bottom line.  We have helped many businesses on each side of the equation resolve the issue so that our client can get on with the business of its business.

Regulation of Business Practices for Consumer’s Protection

The Massachusetts Consumer Protection Statute, Chapter 93A, applies not only to businesses who deal with consumers, but it also applies to a business to business context.  If you feel that a business has been unfair or deceptive in dealing with you, then you may have a claim even if you are a business.  Massachusetts law provides for an award of reasonable attorney’s fees to successful plaintiffs and when a defendant engages in knowing or willful conduct, the court can award double or treble damages.  The stakes can be high if someone is making these claims against you.  At Tanowitz Law Office, P.C., we have secured multiple awards for our clients at trial on numerous occasions and have used the potential of such an award to leverage settlements.  We have also helped businesses defend against claims for unfair practices made by both other businesses and consumers.

Our Experience Matters

Below is a small sampling of the types of cases we have handled at Tanowitz Law.

  • A resolved dispute between owner and manufacturer regarding the unsatisfactory production of a product.
  • Assisted California corporation with claims from Massachusetts corporation that it was under an obligation to perform under a contract where the option had expired.
  • Successfully avoided entry of reach and apply attachment on assets of an entity where the defendant was a member and owned an interest.