Insurance and insurance coverage comes in many forms.  Sometimes, a client is fighting with their own insurance company for coverage.  Sometimes, the defendant has insurance coverage but the coverage is limited.  Other times, a homeowner and the insurance company cannot agree on coverage and need to have their claim decided by a process called reference and controlled by Mass.Gen.L. Ch. 175 § 100.  At Tanowitz Law Office, P.C. we can help with any of these issues.  We have helped our clients fight with their insurance company when the company refused to provide coverage.  We have also been in the situation, many times, where the defendant has coverage.  In these circumstances, sometimes it is a matter of maximizing what the insurance company deems is a covered claim.  Other times, it is understanding how the insurance company is managing the claim and whether the economics of the lawsuit allow for settlement.

Attorney Ellen Rappaport Tanowitz has served as a referee pursuant to Mass.Gen.L. Ch. 175 § 100 and understands the disputes between the insurance company and the insured.