What is cross-metering?

In Massachusetts, in general, a landlord is required to pay for a tenant’s electric and gas utilities unless, there is a separate meter which serves only the dwelling unit or other areas that a tenant uses exclusively and a written lease which states that the tenant is responsible for those utilities. If a tenant is Read More

Chapter 142A — the Home Improvement Contractor Act

Massachusetts requires contractors who perform home renovation work not only to have a Construction Supervisor License, but also require him or her to have a Home Improvement Contractor Registration under Chapter 142A. The Home Improvement Contractor registration is only required for contractors who do renovation work — additions, renovations, demolitions — changes to the existing Read More

How to Evict Someone Who Pays No Rent

When you read this title, it may make no sense — who would rent to someone and not charge them rent? Our office has run into this situation in a number of ways most of them involve family relationships or romantic relationships which have turned sour. The individual usually has resided at the premises for Read More

Help us, help you

We get many calls a week at our office from potential clients. We want to help you, either by representing you, or at least by pointing you in the correct direction. Here are some suggestions to make the most out of your call with us. If your claim involves a contract or a lease, please Read More