Seven Things to Know about the Massachusetts Security Deposit Law

I receive a lot of calls from clients with questions about security deposits that their landlord has taken. The security deposit law in Massachusetts is not overly complex, it just requires precision. Here are some things that both landlords and tenants should know about the rules regarding security deposits on residential properties. A landlord may not take Read More

Nineteen Years and Counting

It’s hard to believe that nineteen years ago today, Tanowitz Law Office, was born.  In nearly two decades, we’ve helped more than five hundred clients and handled hundreds more matters than that.  Thanks to our clients for continuing to allow us to help you with your matters.  We look forward to many more years of helping Read More

Commercial Evictions – When Your Tenant is Behind in Rent

As COVID continues to wreak havoc with our personal lives and our work lives, many businesses are suffering and are unable to pay the rent.  When this occurs, landlords have a choice to make.  Will they evict the tenant or will they work something out with the tenant and hope that sunnier days are ahead Read More

What The Eviction Moratorium Means for Landlords

By now, you have probably heard that Massachusetts’ eviction moratorium, prohibiting evictions of all kinds, except in the most dire of circumstances, will expire tomorrow.   That means a few things.  First, the CDC Moratorium becomes effective through the end of the year.  For tenants who qualify and fill out the necessary paperwork they may continue Read More

Evictions and the CARES Act

Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act’’CARES Act last week and most of the news has been about the payroll protection program and the checks that the government will be sending out to many Americans in the coming weeks. Section 4023 of the Act relate to forbearance of loan payments for multi Read More

Boston Shuts Down Construction Activity: What You Need To Know and Do

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Marty Walsh all construction activity to stop in the City of Boston effective March 17, 2020. This order appears to apply to both commercial and residential jobs and regardless of the size of the job.  If your house is under construction, then your contractor must secure the property Read More

Building Permits and Local Ordinances

We recently touched on the issue of obtaining building permits in home improvement work.  In addition to state requirements, most cities and towns have their own local ordinances that govern home construction.  You are likely aware that cities and towns dictate zoning and setback requirements, but did you also know that local ordinances can also put further Read More

Another Trap for the Unwary – Building Permits

On this blog we previously discussed what to look for when hiring a home improvement contractor.  But what about after you hire that contractor?  Another trap for the unwary is during the process to obtain the building permit.  Under the Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor statute, in order to avail yourself of some of the statutory benefits available to homeowners, the contractor Read More

Requirements for a Home Improvement Contract

As we have posted before, when you undertake a home improvement project — a renovation, an addition, finishing a basement — the contract between the homeowner and the contractor is likely covered by Chapter 142A.  Chapter 142A has some specific requirements for contracts.  In this post, we are going to focus on the requirement that the Read More

Are Housemates the Solution to Lowering Your Housing Costs?

Massachusetts housing costs are very expensive — rent is expensive and the prospect of buying a home may seem completely out of bounds if you are single or on a limited income. Lately, we’ve been working with people who have tried to manage their housing costs by purchasing a property and renting rooms in their Read More